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Confident middle-aged man in blue shirt leans against a wall, expressing gratitude for the positive effects of testosterone replacement therapy on his well-being



Step 1

 Initial Phone Consultation- $99

Complete initial intake forms Click HERE. This is a 15-20 minute survey that will ask questions about your medical history, background, lifestyle, and general health. Credit card information is required, and there is a $99 charge for your initial consultation.

Step 3

Program Appointment-$299 
At your one-hour in-person or virtual appointment:

  • Individual lab results will be reviewed

  • An assessment of symptoms

  • A discussion of your medical history as listed on your health and lifestyle questionnaire.

  • The principles of the program will be discussed.

  • A tailored treatment program specific to your needs and goals that focuses on hormone health options, supplements, nutrition, & exercise will be prescribed. 

Step 2

Initial Phone Consultation & Lab Work

This is a one-hour consultation by phone. Your medical history will be reviewed, and an overview of your goals and personal needs will be discussed. You will receive a lab requisition to complete blood work, and you're in-person or video appointment will be scheduled. Insurance may cover the cost of hormone and metabolic testing.

Step 4

Treatment Program -starts at $175/month (Charged 30 days after your program appointment).

Additional hormones are extra. 

  • The monthly fee includes testosterone medication, all phone and office appointments, prescribing, ordering, and managing individual programs.  

  • Testosterone (Transdermal cream or injection) delivered to your door via USPS or FedEx ground shipping and all necessary supplies.

  • Patients maintain treatment for 8-weeks before scheduling a follow-up appointment.

-An initial one-half hour telephone consultation and lab order. -1 hour comprehensive diagnostic exam that focuses on hormone health options, nutrition, vitamin, and supplement recommendations. -A tailored hormone treatment program designed for your specific needs and goals. -Prescribing of all hormones, and supplements. -10% discount off all supplements ordered through Fullscripts. -An 8 week in-person or telehealth follow-up, scheduled appointments at 90 days, and 6 months once optimal hormone levels have been achieved. -Annual visits and lab work thereafter are necessary. -One on one provider access through a confidential HIPAA compliant patient portal EHR.

  • Listed program pricing is monthly- we charge in quarterly increments (Every 3 months) 30 days after the initial appointment.

  • We accept HSA/FSA payments. Please check with your provider if BHRT is accepted. We are not responsible for claim denials. 

  • Testosterone is not covered by medical insurance. We cannot bill medical insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. 

  • We offer a 10% discount on one initial service to veterans, active duty military, law enforcement personnel, nurses, teachers, and First Responders.  

Are you ready to RENEW your body and your mind? 

Whether you seek to regain control of the aging process, are starting to experience symptoms, or your symptoms are so severe that they affect your health, activities, and overall quality of life the, The Renewed Health Testosterone Replacement Therapy Program is tailored to meet your needs. 

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